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Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Barristers at Kenworthy’s Chambers have extensive experience in crime cases including assault, domestic assault, domestic violence, DUI, fraud, murder, drug conspiracy and more.

Kenworthy’s Chambers received top ranking for crime sets on the Northern Circuit from Chambers and Partners.

Kenworthy’s defend and prosecute cases on both a private and legal aid basis in the Crown and Magistrates’ Courts.

Kenworthy’s Criminal Law Barristers represent Defence Solicitors, regulatory bodies, corporate and individual clients, as well as prosecuting authorities like The Crown Prosecution Service at any stage of a criminal case from pre-charge to trial and appeal.

Members of the Crime Team have experience dealing with adults classed as vulnerable due to age, mental illness, or social exclusion.

Our Barristers

Kenworthy’s Criminal Law Barristers

Year of Call | 1971

Ben Nolan is on the approved Serious Fraud Office Panel of King’s Counsel. During his 20 years in Silk, Ben has prosecuted and defended numerous high-profile criminal cases, including food safety scandals and over 100 murder cases.

Year of Call | 1997

Andrew Selby has considerable experience handling high-profile cases involving slavery, sex abuse, stalking, and murder. He also specialises in serious, complex fraud cases.

Year of Call | 1987

David Lamb is widely recognised as a leading Criminal Barrister who specialises in high-profile, multi-handed criminal cases such as homicide, rape, complex fraud, and international drug trafficking.

Year of Call | 1977

Barry Grennan is Head of Chambers and a highly respected criminal advocate who attracts plaudits for his work ethic and jury advocacy skills. He specialises as a criminal defence advocate and is often instructed in serious and complex criminal cases.

Year of Call | 1982

Patrick Cassidy is a highly capable criminal defence advocate with a broad practice encompassing the full spectrum of serious general and financial crime. He has experience of the most complex and challenging cases including sexual offences, child abuse and gang crime.

Year of Call | 1976

Roger Brown has vast experience in crime at all levels of seriousness. His practice is in business crime and regulatory law, criminal fraud and proceeds of crime, drug offences and conspiracy, taxi licensing, violent crime, rape, and sexual offences.

Year of Call | 1981

Bill Donnelly has 25 years’ experience prosecuting serious crime, including large-scale drug supply and conspiracy cases, fraud, and proceeds of crime. He now brings his experience to bear for defendants too.

Year of Call | 1989

Patrick Williamson has considerable experience in cases involving fraud, sexual offences, murder and manslaughter, drug offences and violent crimes. He offers prompt responses to requests for advice and provides the best possible service for clients.

Year of Call | 1997

Alison Mather has a wealth of experience in matters of violent crime, serious assaults, sexual offences, and drug-related offences including large-scale importation. She works with vulnerable defendants with mental health issues who find themselves before Court.

Year of Call | 1999

David Morton is regularly instructed in cases involving serious violence, murder, organised gang activity, large-scale public disorder, drugs cases, rape and serious sexual offences, fraud, arson, and offences of dishonesty.

Year of Call | 1999

Waheed has the skills and experience to deal with witnesses sensitively without compromising on his approach and instructions. Legal 500 agrees, saying Waheed Baber is “very good with clients and thoroughly knowledgeable of the law.”

Year of Call | 2000

According to Legal 500, “Sara Haque is the go-to barrister for clients with mental health issues remanded on criminal cases, she is excellent with the clients, able to relate to them and understand them.”

Year of Call | 2000

Sally Penni specialises in regulatory and business crime, working on fraud cases, data protection law, and artificial intelligence law governing robotics and autonomous cars. She also has a wealth of experience with cases involving young offenders and mental health issues.

Year of Call | 2002

Chudi Grant’s specialist area of practice is crime. He is a Category 3 Prosecutor for the CPS and is also instructed by the Department for Work and Pensions. Legal 500 says “Chudi is the go-to man, a straight-talker who gels with clients by instilling confidence in them.”

Year of Call | 2010

Stephen Tettey draws upon his expertise in Immigration and Employment Law in representing defendants in serious criminal cases in the Crown Courts. He has represented individuals and companies facing allegations of serious criminal and professional misconduct.

Year of Call | 2015

John Richards has over a decade of experience practicing in Criminal Law. His practice now involves defending and prosecuting in courts across the country, giving him an important perspective in knowing how to approach a case from both a defence and prosecution perspective.

Year of Call | 2019

Tara Riley can be instructed in the full spectrum of criminal offences in the Crown Court, including homicide, serious violence - including firearms and offensive weapons, drugs and conspiracy, and sexual offences.

Year of Call | 2021

Barrister Matthew Todd now accepts instructions in Criminal Law proceedings.

Year of Call | 2021

Barrister Colette Snape now accepts instructions in Criminal Law proceedings.

Year of Call | 2022

Barrister Nick Roxborough now accepts instructions in Criminal Law proceedings.

Year of Call | 2023

Kay Driver is a Criminal Barrister with 15 years of experience working as a High Court Advocate who accepts instructions across the full range of criminal cases.

Many of our Criminal Barristers accept Public Access work including Barry Grennan, Patrick Cassidy, Roger Brown, William Donnelly, Sara Haque, Sally Penni, Sarah Johnson, Brett Wilson, Stephen Tettey, and John Richards.

Our Expertise

Areas of Criminal Law that Kenworthy’s Barristers cover includes:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour and Banning Orders
  • Assault
  • Boiler Room Fraud
  • Bribery and Corporate Corruption
  • Burglary
  • Business Crime and Regulatory Law
  • Child Abuse and Child Destruction
  • Criminal Fraud and Proceeds of Crime
  • Commercial Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Supply
  • Corporate and Investment Fraud
  • Cyber Crime
  • Dishonesty Offences
  • Domestic Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Trafficking
  • DUI – Driving Under the Influence
  • Financial Conduct Authority Offences
  • Firearms and Other Offensive Weapons
  • Fraud (mortgages, cars, business)
  • Food Safety
  • Gangland and Violent Crime
  • Health and safety
  • Historic Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Insider Dealing
  • Insurance Fraud
  • International Crime
  • Mental Health Crime
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Organised Crime
  • Payment Diversion Fraud
  • Pension Fraud
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud
  • Police Misconduct
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Possession
  • Possession with Intent
  • Price Fixing
  • Prison Law
  • Private Defence of Sex Cases
  • Property Fraud
  • Public Disorder Offences
  • Rape
  • Revenue Fraud
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Offences
  • Tax Fraud
  • Taxi Licensing
  • Telecommunications Fraud
  • Terrorism
  • Theft
  • VAT Fraud
  • Violent Offences
  • Vulnerable Client Crime
  • White Collar and Organised Crime
  • Workplace Incidents

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