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Kenworthy’s Chambers Takes on Three New Pupils

Kenworthy's Chambers | October 12, 2022

Kenworthy’s Chambers is pleased to announce that we have taken on three Pupils.

Nick Roxborough, Colette Snape and Matthew Todd will be joining our Manchester-based Chambers to expand our General Law services.

Maria Rushworth, Kenworthy’s Chambers’ Practice Manager commented, saying: "We are delighted that Nick, Colette and Matthew have joined us at Kenworthy’s Chambers. The Pupillage applications we received this year were extremely strong and we are thrilled to be expanding the business with three outstanding candidates."

Members and staff at Kenworthy’s Chambers welcomed the new pupils to the team with a ‘meet and greet’ held in reception. It was a great opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves to the new Pupils in an informal setting.

Each of the Pupils will receive their own Pupil Supervisor so that they can learn by working closely alongside them, particularly throughout the start of their career at Kenworthy’s.

During the first three months of pupillage, they will be frequently visiting the courts and tribunals, sitting in on conferences, and doing legal research.

At Kenworthy’s Chambers our Pupils also draft statements of case and are occasionally asked take noting briefs for their Supervisors.

Nick Roxborough will be supervised by Criminal Barrister Sara Haque, Colette Snape will be paired with Family Law expert Paul Im Thurn, and Matthew Todd will be learning from Employment Barrister Bruce Henry.

Nick Roxborough said: “My time with Kenworthy’s and my Pupil Supervisor Sara Haque has been very interesting and rewarding thus far. I have seen a range of criminal matters in the Crown Court, and I am currently observing my first full trial which has been an invaluable experience.

“I have been fortunate enough to shadow a number of Chambers’ Counsel, allowing me to witness a variety of matters and advocacy styles. I have learned a great deal from Sara already, particularly in dealing with the processes of the Crown Court, including the handling of sensitive matters.

“I look forward to learning more as my Pupillage progresses and am excited for what my future with Kenworthy’s holds.”

Having previously worked as a Paralegal on international child abduction cases and as a Social Welfare Paralegal on Court of Protection cases, Colette Snape was pleased to be paired with Paul Im Thurn, and has already worked on private child arrangements proceedings, public law care proceedings, and a case involving deprivation of liberty of a child.

She said, “I have already learned an enormous amount from Paul with regards to the procedural aspects within different areas of Family Law and providing a quality service to the lay client.”

Adding, “I hope to build on this by attending final hearings in both private and public law proceedings, in order to observe more in-depth advocacy and presentation of evidence.”

Matthew Todd has already spent a week with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality team, observed some general civil matters including Personal Injury and Credit Hire, and begun his training with Employment Barrister Bruce Henry.

Speaking about his start at Kenworthy’s Chambers, Matthew Todd said, “I have observed some Employment Law cases with Bruce Henry and have already learned a lot about the practicalities of preparing a matter for tribunal.” Adding, “I'm hoping to learn more about different advocacy styles as we go along.”

The training with Pupil Supervisors is set to continue for Nick, Colette, and Matthew, until the Supervisors conduct a formal assessment of the work the Pupils have conducted after around three months.

You’ll be able to learn more about our new Pupils at Kenworthy’s Chambers over the upcoming weeks as we catch up with each of them individually to find out how their pupillage is going.