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Latest Case Studies

Immigration Barrister Gita Patel’s Iranian Kurdish Asylum Case

Immigration Barrister Gita Patel won an asylum appeal for a man wanted by the Iranian authorities for distributing Kurdish political party leaflets.

John Richards Successfully Appeals Immediate Custodial Sentence for Assault

Case study detailing how Criminal Barrister John Richards saved a father-of-two from an immediate jail sentence for assault in the Court of Appeal.

Asylum Appeal Win for El Salvador National Who Escaped Gang Persecution

Case study detailing Immigration Barrister Gita Patel’s asylum appeal win for Salvadoran subjected to extortion and death threats from Barrio 18 gang.

Sexual Exploitation Victim Prevented from Being Re-Trafficked by Gita Patel

This case study details how Immigration Barrister Gita Patel prevented a victim of sexual exploitation from being re-trafficked by winning her asylum appeal.

John Richards Prosecutes Imitation Firearm and Machete Wielding Criminals

Case study detailing how John Richards built up the prosecution to prove that Jordan Winstanley committed aggravated burglary and Robbie Arnold had possession of an imitati...

Mark Schwenk secures UK asylum for Kurdish Christian from Iran

Case Study detailing how Immigration Barrister Mark Schwenk secured asylum and saved an Iranian Christian of Kurdish ethnicity from persecution in Iran.

Barry Grennan ‘Custody Time Limit’ Criminal Law Case Study

A new ruling has determined that the Criminal Bar Association’s strike will not be capable of constituting ‘good and sufficient’ cause for extending the ‘custody time limit...