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Kenworthy’s Updates Website

Kenworthy's Chambers | March 7, 2022 has undergone a design refresh! In this blog, we highlight some of the improvements made to the website. has undergone a design refresh! In this blog, we highlight some of the improvements made to the website.

Website Architecture

With a website overhaul long overdue, we took this redesign as an opportunity to improve both the look and copy whilst refining the website architecture.

Now we have organised our services into Practice Areas which cover everything from Administrative and Public Law to Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence. You can still search for our Barristers by name or filter by Practice Area to find the best practitioner for your case and you might notice that URLs have been tidied up and follow logical branches.

Thanks to smart website architecture, multiple web pages will be refreshed each time new media is added to the Media Section. For example, our new blog Introducing Kenworthy’s Chambers New Employment Clerk Greg Highton appears on both the Home Page and Employment Law Page in the ‘Latest Media’ feeds. We hope that serving relevant content will encourage users to stay on the website longer and build their trust in our legal services.

With multiple web pages updating each time we publish new media the will be ever-changing. Having a living website that constantly changes what media is displayed in the feeds should improve our ranking in search engines over time.


For the first time, Kenworthy’s Chambers has an adaptive site that serves a mobile version to users on mobile devices - making it possible to navigate the website and find the Barrister you want to instruct whilst on your phone.

The mobile-first design makes it easier than ever before to Contact Us on the go. We’ve improved our navigation, layout, and forms so that you can use the website effectively regardless of the device you choose.


Testimonials are far more prominent in the new website design. With a huge catalogue of testimonials from trusted sources like Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500 it made sense to make better use of them and display our client testimonials proudly on our About Us page.

We have opted to use carousels (to display multiple relevant testimonials) on the Home Page and within each Practice Area and will look to do the same on Barrister profiles in the future.

You can now view all our testimonials on the Testimonial Page, and through the use of smart website architecture, when we upload testimonials to the media section of the website they will be displayed on relevant pages across the site.

About Us

To celebrate the long history Kenworthy’s Chambers has for championing diversity, we have updated our About Us section to include a timeline of our history. This details the move into our impressive Grade II listed building Arlington House and highlights some of the key hires Kenworthy’s Chambers made over the years.

We have also included a map with a pin on our location, details about the types of CPD training we offer to Legal Professionals, and some ‘Quick Links’ at the top to help you skip straight to what you want to learn about us as a business.

Public Access

We are pleased to announce that our Public Access page has been updated to meet the Bar Standards Board’s compliance requirements.

The Public Access page now boasts key stages, timescales, and pricing for ‘Direct Access’ to our Barristers.

Drop-down lists display which of our Barristers accept Public Access within each of our Practice Areas and the page starts with a collection of useful FAQs.

We hope you enjoy our new and improved website. The next phase of our website development will update Barrister profiles and create new profiles for our Clerks and support staff. You can check out the latest news from Kenworthy’s Chambers by visiting your Practice Area of choice, or simply the Home Page, and scrolling down to the ‘Latest Media’ feed.